Las Vegas Retail Management Careers

Las Vegas Retail Management Careers

Tourists flock to Las Vegas not only for the luxury hotels, live shows, and gambling, but also for the shopping. Many of the well-known casinos are linked to malls with shops catering to a wide variety of tastes, so winners don't have to carry all that cash around for long.

The Shoppes at the Palazzo are home to several trendy boutiques, while the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace attract celebrities who visit upscale stores like Lalique, Stuart Weitzman, and Louis Vuitton.

Retail and merchandising managers are key to the success of all these stores by ensuring that customers are pleased and sales are made.

Retail and Merchandising

Merchandising is most often associated with marketing a certain brand or company; for example, merchandisers may negotiate a contract with a film director to place their product in an upcoming movie. Retail, meanwhile, is the direct selling of products to consumers. Retail managers supervise other retail workers, and are responsible for scheduling, hiring, training, and firing employees.

Retail involves a great deal of customer service. Managers ensure that customers are receiving quality attention from the store staff, and will handle any problems that arise. Depending on the size of the store, they may also deal with purchasing, budgeting and accounting.

Education and Training

A bachelor's degree in business, merchandising or marketing is helpful to become a retail manager.

Merchandising and/or retail degree programs include classes in business concepts, economics, consumer behavior, marketing, advertising, and sales. Students complete projects that are applicable to the real world.

After graduation, there are many career options. Merchandisers might directly liase with store buyers to get them to carry their product. Retail majors may be able to work in retail and sales management at a business directly selling products to customers. They may also open their own stores.

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