Las Vegas Careers in the Gaming Industry

Las Vegas Careers in the Gaming Industry

At the turn of the 20th century, legalized gambling was a contradiction in terms. Now, what started out as an underground and seedy operation has gone on to become a multi-billion dollar industry. The past twenty years have seen tremendous growth on the Las Vegas Strip and a boom in employment.

Casinos in Las Vegas are one of the main streams of revenue for the region and offer employment opportunities from gaming staff and dealers, to account executives and hotel management.

Education & Training

Getting a job running a game at a casino requires applicants to secure state licensing everywhere in the U.S. Obtaining a dealer license will always require a criminal background check to determine eligibility and there may also be a financial background and tax status check run. The casinos themselves can have their own standards as to financial reporting.

Table game operators require training in a variety of games, and will need to display proficiency in several of them before being considered for employment. Communication skills and solid math skills are are also essential.

On the Las Vegas Strip, baccarat has been even more central, accounting for nearly 20% of total gaming win despite the recent slow‚Äêdown in play. By dollars wagered, it is by far the most popular table game in the state, even though it represents less than 5% of all tables. Gaining training and experience in this exciting game will surely increase the chances of gaining employment at one of the major casinos.

For current gaming industry employees that would like to embellish their career to higher paying status and a positive job outlook for the city, University of Las Vegas has a business department offering coursework in Nevada law and general business practices for the state.

Concentrated coursework is also available at several other Las Vegas colleges and career schools in hotel management, law, human resources, gaming and informational technology. For careers in the gaming industry specifically, emphasis is placed on gaming operations and casino management for a partial or comprehensive study program to enhance a resume.

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