Design Envy: Interior Designers in Las Vegas

Design Envy: Interior Designers in Las Vegas

Stunning drapes accentuating sleek lines. Startling images of monochromatic color juxtaposed against elegant contemporary masterpieces. This is Vegas!

Known for it's fierce style and outrageous design, Las Vegas beckons interior design students from all over the world to study in some of the most innovative design programs in the country.

Interior design degree programs in Vegas can help you realize your passion for creating fantastic interior spaces, choosing dazzling colors, and finding the right lighting for any interior space.

From living room and bedroom design to furniture design and architectural planning, an interior design college education is essential if you are to learn the many aspects of this exciting industry.


The work of an interior designer is very diverse. A designer must be knowledgeable in art, design, and sometimes basic engineering, and must be able to manage and coordinate different groups of people towards a common goal.

An interior designer must have the eye of an artist and the pragmatism of an engineer. They must be able to synthesis the often vague needs and desires of their clients into solid, functional, three-dimensional spaces.

To do this, an interior designer must create and demonstrate their ideas through renderings, construction plans, and budgets. However, it is not just the aesthetics to be considered. The end product must be in compliance with all zoning and building codes and regulations.

The majority of a designers time is spent on construction sites, clients' locations and the outlet sources for the materials they intend to use. Computers and the internet are increasingly important tools and labor savers in the interior design profession.

Education & Training

Schools are quickly sprouting up in the desert to meet an incredible demand for interior design. Some programs to choose from in the area include the International Academy of Design and Technology. IADT focuses on taking students from the classroom to actually designing one-room and simple dwellings, until they are ready to tackle designing for the massive residential, commercial, and hospitalities industries.

The Art Institute of Las Vegas offers two main programs: the associate of arts degree in residential interior design and the bachelor of arts degree in residential or commercial design. The University of Las Vegas offers a program in interior architecture, which is more a broad-based education that includes opportunities for community work and internships.

Interior Design Degree Programs in Las Vegas

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